Monday, June 27, 2011

Change Blogspot Background image and color

Blogspot ( Blogger) is one of the best blogging spot for blogger. Changing appearance of your can be tricky part for some early blogger. There are two ways to change appearances of your blog at

     1. Using Template Designer
     2. Directly Using Edit HTML

Using Template Designer

Using Template Designer is easy and bounded part. You can only use predefined colour and background image given in the system. Screen shot of Template Designer is given below.
Changing Blogspot Background Color
In Blogger Template Designer under Templates tab there is Background tab. You can change Background image Main color theme of the blog. There are hundreds of background images divided in different categories.

Direct Using Edit HTML

Under Edit HTML Tab you get Edit Template Section. In HTML code there You will get.
/* Content
———————————————– */
body {
font: $(body.font);
color: $(body.text.color);
background: $(body.background);
padding: 0 $(content.shadow.spread) $(content.shadow.spread) $(content.shadow.spread);
To change background of your blog.
You have to change
background: $(body.background);
Where $(body.background) is driven by Blogger Template Designer. You can change the dynamic value changer to static value given below.
background: #FFFFFF url( repeat-x fixed;
Where #FFFFFF is Hex value for background color
And url( repeat-x fixed
gives the path of background image used as background picture. repeat-x means image is characterized to show in x or horizontal axis within fixed body width.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogger Design Template

Blogger Template Best for Anythings.Blogger Templates for those Who wants to share there’s ideas and creativity to theirs friends, relatives and world . It has No Navigation Bar. Template for Blogger ( ) .There is only three column in this template and gives vary creative design to your blog. You your self can change your Blog Looks by changing Post, Header, Footer, SideBar and Main Background Color which gives combination of thousands of color with the Gradient Images and background available.It is Indeed not a template but Multi Templates of its own. There is extra functions in this template.

  1. Multi Templates in Nature.
  2. Combination of background Color and Gradient gives Thousands of Looks.
  3. Can Change Color, Size and Font of Anythings.
  4. Best template for Ideal Blogger.
  5. No Upper navigation bar.
  6. User Defined Out put Looks.
  7. Compatible with IE7, Firefox Mozilla, other higer functional Browsers.

See the DEMO .Download XML template from :- Download

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