Sunday, September 14, 2008

1 column photo blogger template

Blogger Template Best for Photo blogger.Blogger Templates for those Who wants to share there's photograph to theirs friends, relatives and world . It has No Navigation Bar. Template for Blogger ( ) .There is only one column in this template but gives four Widgets places .Wide Looks for Blogger.There is maximum space on this template for posting anythings.Top place than the post article is reserved for the label,Blog achive or any other things available. There is extra functions in this template.

  1. Photo Blogger Template.
  2. Four widgets available.
  3. If widgets exceeds 200px scolling activates automatically.
  4. One column template.
  5. Can Post upto 800px width pictures.
  6. Any font size and font colour can be changed from fonts and Colors layout.
  7. No Upper navigation bar.
  8. Compatible with IE7, Firefox Mozilla, other higer functional Browsers.
See the DEMO .Download XML template from :- Download

Comment me if you have any suggections.


Anonymous said...

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