Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogger Design Template

Blogger Template Best for Anythings.Blogger Templates for those Who wants to share there’s ideas and creativity to theirs friends, relatives and world . It has No Navigation Bar. Template for Blogger ( ) .There is only three column in this template and gives vary creative design to your blog. You your self can change your Blog Looks by changing Post, Header, Footer, SideBar and Main Background Color which gives combination of thousands of color with the Gradient Images and background available.It is Indeed not a template but Multi Templates of its own. There is extra functions in this template.

  1. Multi Templates in Nature.
  2. Combination of background Color and Gradient gives Thousands of Looks.
  3. Can Change Color, Size and Font of Anythings.
  4. Best template for Ideal Blogger.
  5. No Upper navigation bar.
  6. User Defined Out put Looks.
  7. Compatible with IE7, Firefox Mozilla, other higer functional Browsers.

See the DEMO .Download XML template from :- Download

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